OmPowered Wellness: Where Bliss Becomes You

10000 Watson Road, Suite 2L-26, Crestwood, MO 63126

"OOOOOOOOOOMMMMAAAAAAGGGGGAAAAWWWWDDDD.....I visited masseuse extraordinaire Eileen Wolf yesterday for the first time.....the woman has magic hands. I'm telling you, if you need to RELAX or work out some knots, go see Eileen!! She is extremely intuitive and knows all the little places to hit! Her studio, OmPowered Wellness, in Webster Groves is BEAUTIFUL! bliss." ~Kathryn B

Walk into a  room that opens your senses with aromatherapy, low lighting, gentle music, and the sound of a small waterfall....
Embrace the peace and calm...
Lie down on a pillow soft, full size massage bed with warm blankets.
Allow yourself a much needed massage or receive energy. This is my bliss." ~Christina T

"Hands down (no pun intended )the absolute best massage I've ever had!!!! I've used massage therapy for years and have never fallen asleep. I slept through most of it! It was delicious, relaxing, refreshing. So good I bought a three massage package! I highly recommend Eileen!" ~Lisa S

"I can't speak highly enough of her level of expertise. She is a master of her craft. Her heart is as big as the Moon. If you want a therapist thatmay or may not be an actual Angel, she's your gal." ~Missy Z.

"My first massage experience could not have been better! Such an amazing massage and Eileen is so comforting and welcoming!" ~Robyn O

"I had my very first massage this morning, and I think my life has been changed forever! Eileen Wolf is an excellent massage therapist! I cannot get over how different I feel, it's amazing!!! And she made me feel so comfortable with the entire process, which I was extremely grateful for. I can see this becoming a habitual practice in my future smile emoticon. I highly recommend going and seeing Eileen at OmPowered Wellness! You will not regret it!" ~Shana G

"The best massages I've ever had! I am so relaxed, I fall asleep!" ~Shannon  T

"Pure. Bliss. First pain free day for this pregnant momma in a long time!" ~Sophia K